I love traveling. I have traveled most of the globe in my 31 years on this earth but there is so much more I want to explore. I have my passport handy and am ready to go. Whether it be across state lines or flying to a tropical destination, the adventures are ours to unfold. I am easy going and am very adventurous (unless it comes to extreme heights…lets be honest). Some places I’d love to be taken in the next few years before I pursue my career in the healing arts are:

  • Frida Kahlo’s house (The Blue House) in Mexico City, Mexico

  • Providence, Rhode Island

  • New York City (been there many times. Love it. Lets explore Harlem together late into the night…)

  • The lavender fields in France

  • Tasmania (I have a dream of seeking on the Tasmanian Tiger, lets go camp in the woods)

  • Nova Scotia

  • Japan. Anywhere. We can eat all of the food.

  • Tucson, Arizona

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (went there when I was much younger and would love to go back as a wiser, older adult)